Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month

I’ve made it into February… Pregnant!

That was not on the cards. I’ve also made it into February with very little sleep and a completely scratched up, sore belly. Soo attractive! (Blood test came back negative again for the liver condition!)

I’ve slept about 2 hours tonight. It’s Friday – Friday is the only day of the week that I have P1 fully on my own. I’m really nervous about it. Not only do I think I’m on the brink of going into labour but I haven’t slept and I can’t nap. But I just haven’t been able to stop scratching or getting up for a wee for that matter.

Whhhhyyyyyyyy does pregnancy have to be so ugly! In so many ways. How can I enjoy the lead up to my new baby when I can’t sleep and I can’t get comfy.

I sound like a broken record. But I’m not going to write posts about how wonderful this pregnancy is blah blah … When it really isn’t and hasn’t been for me this time round.

As much as I want this baby out right now! I’ve got to get through today. My mum, stepdad and brother are going away for the weekend from this morning. My OH will be 40ish miles away at work. My grandparents will be tied up doing home dialysis. So that leaves me with pretty much nobody close by if I go into labour! I’ll have to call my boss.

11 days until due date!

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  1. Your boss is on stand by and has plastic sheeting in his car all ready for you 😉

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