Pink Lining Changing Bag Review & Video

I am not a woman who owns tens of handbags, in fact I only have one and that one is a very smaller bag that happens to be a shade of brown and doesn’t match any of my outfits. It barely fits my purse in. I’ve never really needed to have a handbag, it’s very rare that I’m without my girls or without hubby.

I’ve always had a Pink Lining changing bag. Right from the beginning. With their cute designs and functionality they were my first choice when I had P1. I’ve survived for four months with my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag but now I have two children wearing nappies I needed something bigger. I was extremely thankful to receive the Pink Lining Twins Bag Hydrangea changing bag.

bag outside

The bag is made from a wipeable fabric which means you can keep it clean and rain will just fall off rather than making the insides soaked. This is a must have for all changing bags as we always keep spare clothes inside.

The Twins Bag is slightly larger than my previous Pink Lining b and there are a few added extras too. There is space for 6 bottles, four of which are insulated and 2 are detachable!! There is also a very large zipped pocket at the back, perfect for storing the changing mat and wet bag that comes with the Pink Lining bags. The next little feature is the front “mums pocket”, it has a phone pocket and space for cards, a pen loop and a stretchy chain for either your keys or dummies.

bag features

I am actually so pleased with this bag especially the organisation function of keeping things separate. Whether you have twins and need two of everything or like me and just have two younger children. There’s so much space! My hubby is known for getting in a flap when he’s trying to find something and I’m not very good at explaining exactly where things are… so this Twins Bag is perfect for helping us. We have one section full of everything to do with one child and the other for the other. It’s fabulous !!

You can purchase a Twin Changing Bag for £85 which isn’t too expensive in my eyes. I’ve seen other bags offering much less for over £100 or even more!! The Pink Lining bags are amazing in quality and barely show any wear and tear.


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Value for money
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Perfect changing bag!

A beautifully designed bag of excellence. Feature plenty of space for everything you need for an easy bottom change when out and about.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

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  1. That is so pretty! These type of bags were never this nice when my two were little x

  2. I love the design on the bag too.

    Lizzie Dripping

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