Pinot Grigio

I’ve decided to start planning our wedding again. I stopped when everything went belly up, it felt like my dreams were crashing down around me and I didn’t want to get excited about anything. Everything went in the bin regarding our wedding day. But there’s absolutely no harm now, after all… One day we’ll have our wedding day!

Last night, we had plans to go to Toby Carvery for a meal, but I managed to persuade my OH to venture to Lakeside instead. I wanted to go to H Samuel for ring choosing. We both had our fingers measured; I’m an I and my OH is a T. I’d been a J when I was measured for my engagement ring so my finger has lost weight since then, which makes sense as to why my ring is so loose.

20130523-082619 AM.jpg20130523-082623 AM.jpg
We had a little look around the shops and then went for a beautiful meal at a restaurant called Giraffe. I even had a Pinot Grigio Rose!! Which embarrassingly went straight to my head and my OH was quite amused how giggly I had become.

I had a really lovely evening with my OH. I’d dressed up in a lovely dress and killer heels. I felt normal and I felt sexy. As we were walking home a man quite clearly “checked me out” and my OH laughed. He loves to show off for people, make an effort and get looked at. We are clearly a young couple and he was wearing a suit and I looked stunning, apparently.

When we came home, P1 was sound asleep in her bedroom and P2 sound asleep in her Nanny’s arms – job well done.
20130523-083219 AM.jpg

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  1. You look great! Have fun with planning your wedding… We want to get married too, but it seems unaffordable at the moment.

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