Pit Of My Stomach

I had a really horrible Mummy moment at 4am this morning. That really sick feeling something’s wrong.
20130507-060023 AM.jpg
My precious baby girl was still asleep. This probably wouldn’t have worried me as she used to wake between 3-4am. But for the past few days she’s had a feed somewhere between 1-2am.

I jumped up, not even knowing what the time was at this point. I just had a horrible sense that I’d been asleep for ages dreaming about guinea-pigs and that something must be wrong with P2.

Nervously I placed my hand over her chest. Thank goodness! She was breathing, and absolutely perfectly asleep. I checked my phone at this point and couldn’t get back to sleep for half an hour, my heart was in my throat.

Well this has to be my proudest moment with P2, she slept from 11pm – 6am and now my body is in absolute shock from over sleeping. It return it’s actually made me more sleepy!!! Typical.

I’ve got lots to do today… But for now I’m going to enjoy the 20-30minutes I have before needing to wake P1 up to be taken to her Great-Grandparents!


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