Planning Your Winter Getaway With Your Family

If you’ve been here a while then you will know that I am definitely not a winter person. I would take the warmth over the cold any day. Winter is rapidly approaching us and it is probably time we should start preparing ourselves for it whether that’s staying in the UK or adventuring further afield.

Where In The World?

Obviously the first thing to think about is definitely where you want to go. I have had the best of getaways from places just an hour away from our own home. The UK has some great winter options where you can stay in a wintery forest with a warm cosy fire.

Europe has some magical holidays on offer with real snow that’s definitely more likely than if you were to stay in the UK. Booking a ski holiday in France is a great option where you can really immerse yourself in the snow. You could also be learning a new skill whilst on your holiday too

If money is no object or even if you just fancy escaping the colder weather, then a getaway to somewhere tropical would be the perfect option. Think about the flight distance and how well your children fly or travel when you make your decision. We had an autumn break to Florida two years ago and the weather was just like our summer.

Accommodation: Hotel, villa or resort?

For us as a family of five we are sometimes limited with our accommodation choices. Hotels usually sleep just four. Hotels would definitely be my top choice I think especially if you’ve picked an all-inclusive break as you’ll have breakfast made for you with no washing up to tackle at the end.

Villas are great if you’re travelling with extended family too, or even just want the privacy of your own home to set up normal routines that you usually have at home. My girls can be awful sleepers when on holiday so having your own villa or holiday home allows you to feel a bit more content that you aren’t upsetting anybody.

Resorts usually have onsite activities. Ski resorts have organised lessons, experiences and adventures to seek out. Resorts in the sunshine are likely to have things like kids’ clubs and sporting lessons going on and possibly evening entertainment too.

Travel Options

There are probably three ways to get to a winter getaway; car, ferry or airplane. When planning your winter getaway, you’ll have to take into consideration how you also plan to move around your destination. If you are on a ski holiday you may not need to venture outside the resort, if you are on a city break and have got there by airplane then you’ll definitely need to research the local public transport options.

What Should I Pack?

As we approach winter, it is a great time to think about sorting your whole family out with a winter wardrobe. When it comes to breaks away you obviously can’t take your entire closet with you. Layering is a great way to avoid either freezing or overheating as you hop from outdoor activities to indoor things like soft play. In particular there are some great winter knitwear available for children, and adults actually perfect to help with layering and these are usually available all year round.

If you are travelling in your own car you have the freedom to pack more things like bedding or food. Hats, gloves and scarves are a must have for winter getaways in the UK or Europe. Things like waterproof clothing is something I always have with us on days out let alone holidays. Be prepared to endure all types of weather and pack accordingly.

 Activity Options

When looking for a break away, especially at winter time, I am definitely looking for what is going to keep my three girls amused. The weather can be very temperamental almost forcing us indoors but we can also learn to embrace the cold especially whilst on a winter getaway. Things like reindeer encounters or meeting Father Christmas are great options for kids..

I always loved ice skating as a child so if you are having your getaway in the UK you could search for a local ice rink. Like I said earlier, sunshine winter breaks will offer water activities for children or kids club crafts whereas Ski resorts are likely to have skiing lessons for children and igloo making. Do research of local things going on too so that you can have a rough itinerary figured out for your trip. 


Meal prepping and planning is probably not something you hope to do during a holiday but it’s vital for a winter getaway. Kids, and adults, can get hungry very quick and there is nothing worse than grumpy, hangry human beings so stocking up on energy boosting snacks, sugary treats and plenty of drinks is vital. I am somebody who likes to have where and what we will be eating figured out every morning.

Most ski resorts have some sort of place to store pre-prepared meals so make sure you pack a cooler bag. If you are skiing take into consideration that you may not be able to easily get back to your accommodation so attempt to get snacks that can be popped in pockets for on-the-go pick me ups.

If you have decided to go the all-inclusive route then your eating options won’t be too much hassle, you’ll just need to figure out what time to eat etc. If you have got your own private cottage or villa then take a look online for the local restaurants and supermarkets or even order a food shop online to be delivered to your holiday home. This definitely takes the stress out of meal worries.


One of my biggest dreams would be to have a holiday that sees us away for actual Christmas. Imagine waking up to snow in the middle of a mountain if you were skiing? Being surrounded by nature in a UK forest with the fire burning? Or laying by a pool drinking cocktails? Obviously, cost is a huge factor when picking your dates, I’ve found some great deals on flights just after Christmas. As a family you may be tied down to term time dates but booking in advance can really help to soften the blow a tiny bit and every little helps.

Also, when picking dates, Google the weather for your destination. Is it what you’d hope for? This is always a huge factor when I pick our holiday dates and destinations.

It’s over to you…

What are your plans this winter? Will you be making a getaway for sun and sand or ski and snow? I’d love to know. We are actually planning our first winter break right after Christmas which we are super excited about so watch this space for that! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer break too.

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