Our Play Date with Dr Miriam Stoppard & Galt Toys

I’m familiar with Dr Miriam Stoppard’s parenting books so we jumped at accepting the invitation to attend an interactive play class with herself and Galt Toys at The Kids Stuff Toys in Ashford.


I decided to take the train with P2 and P3 to give hubby a break and he kindly offered to drop us to the station before dropping P1 to school. I’d been panicking about catching the 9:08 train as the next train would have encountered a change and I didn’t think I could manage that with the double buggy on my own. Luckily, I actually caught the earlier 8:50 train.

P2 was so excited about going on the train. She’s becoming so aware of the things around her and I let her get out of the buggy and sit on the seats with me. We chatted about what we could see and ate Chocolate Animals. The journey and finding the shopping centre was very straight forward and we had a little look around as we were early.


We got to meet Dr Miriam who was so friendly and warm. P3 took a personal shine to her and was smiling away more than I’ve ever seen.

Dr Miriam has designed 21 new toys for Galt Toys to encourage learning through play and includes a play guide written by Dr Miriam with tips on how to play with the toy in the most beneficial way while having fun.


The range was set out for the kids to play with although P2 spent the majority of her time running off! It’s made up of 7 soft, 7 wooden and 7 plastic toys. I found the toys bright and very good quality. Dr Miriam showed us all how to play with each toy. It sounds really silly when I say that but the things she said were actually really helpful.

Children learn through play, and learn from their parents so there’s plenty you can do to help with the learning. For example instead of saying “here’s the car” you could say “here’s the little red car with round wheels. Cars go brooooom”.

I had a really lovely morning getting out of the house with just P2 and P3, even though P2 was making things rather difficult and I felt very stretched when she kept running off.

*UPDATED 18/1/15* > Here’s the video from our play date with Miriam, featuring both my girls:

Read their blog here.

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  1. What a cute day – I think P2 must have had a great time.

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