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As a child, I used to hate brushing my teeth. It was the one part of the day that was pretty tiresome and boring. These days there are so many options to help combat that boredom with many apps, colourful character toothbrushes and reward charts. However, my girls are following my path of finding the whole process a chore. I have seen the Playbrush advertised and quite liked the idea of it so when they contacted me to review one for them, I couldn’t say no.


For those of you that haven’t seen the Playbrush advertised, then it is basically a little device that turns your manual toothbrush into a game controller. There are two colour options; pink and blue and they come with one toothbrush, the device, a smartphone holder, instructions leaflet and charging cable. At the moment it is only in one store in the UK but can be bought online. The cost is usually £26.99.


The Playbrush is really easy to use. You have to charge the device up until the light stops flashing. Then you simply slide your manual toothbrush, either the one supplied or your own, into the silicone device making sure that the little arrows are in line and you are ready to get going. There are four different games to download on your smartphone which can be found on both the App Store or Google Play. I downloaded all four of them so that they can mix things up each day and hopefully not get bored too quick.


P2 decided she wanted to play Utoothia Magic first. You have to shake the toothbrush a few times to activate. The game apps are super easy to use, you can customise your own character and have multiple players (not at the same time) too which is great for family competitions and battles to get the highest score. As you brush the Playbrush cleverly detects speed, duration and position to perform certain actions on the game. This means the better, faster and longer you brush the higher the score you will get.


This photo of our score was taken on P2s first ever go. She is still learning how to brush her teeth correctly but I think she did quite well. She was smiling the entire time and as soon as we put the toothbrush down she asked to play another game. I honestly think this little and very simple device is going to help promote not only P2, but our entire family, to have cleaner and healthy teeth. It’s such a great way to teach the importance of dental hygiene without making it a monster task and a battle each night.

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Value For Money

Genius Idea

My girls have thoroughly enjoyed brushing their teeth each morning and night. The games are fun and addictive too.

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