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The first week of our Easter Holidays was really busy. I wanted to pack in lots of fun for P1 as we are known to be pretty poorly during school holidays and normally we end up sick on the sofa recovering. I wanted to embrace each and every day.

playdale playgrounds

Playdale Playgrounds Ltd asked us to review a local park that they had equipped and with the weather considerably warmer I just couldn’t refuse the opportunity to explore our local area. We’ve been living in Kent for nearly 18 months now and one of the main reasons we chose this area was because of the community life, yet we haven’t really involved ourselves with much yet. It’s been quite busy having a new addition in that time but with us gradually finding our feet as a family of five, it was about time to get our adventures going.

The nearest park that is equipped my Playdale Playgrounds is Manor Park Country Park in West Malling. We packed up a small picnic and headed for opening time as we wanted to miss the crowds to get some photos. The weather was literally beautiful, just like being on holiday, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

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The play ground was amazing. There was equipment suitable for the younger ones and for older children too which was great. Sometimes I find the parks don’t cater for everyone they are either too babyish or too dangerous for younger children. P2 was such a daredevil that day, she was adamant she wanted to play on the older equipment and that she did, in fact she was more confident than her big sister at going across the climbing net.

I was specifically impressed by the surfacing material and at just how clean the playground was. I’m not sure who maintains this specific playground but it was just stunning. Considering this playground had been fitted in 2009 (I probably looked a little strange taking a close up of the plaque) it is still in excellent condition which shows the fantastic quality of Playdale Playground equipment. There was not a point in the day that the children were unhappy about being there.

I definitely think Playdale Playgrounds Ltd are more suited to nurseries, councils and general business use however, if I came into some money I would definitely kit our (future) garden out because the quality and variety of equipment is so large, from 9months to adults!


Entertainment Value

Reliable and excellent quality of play equipment for children.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    That playground does look fantastic – I still remember the joy of finding an amazing playground when I was a child.

    Lizzie Dripping

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