“Playing amongst the spring daffodils”


Tantrums are a common situation that we deal with in our household. Whether it’s a 5 year old argument with back chatting and stomping or a 13 month old screaming with her head on the floor between her legs. A day without tantrums would be a day where you check to see if the girls are poorly.

We seemed to have jumped straight to terrible twos already. P2 is such a madam! She knows exactly what she wants and we know exactly when she doesn’t get it. I can imagine her being one of those children that fall to the ground in the middle of a supermarket when I’ve refused to buy her Wotsits or a cuddly you.

As a mother I don’t think I deal well with tantrums from either of the types I get. With P1 I tend to bite back (not literally) but I certainly don’t help the situation, I probably add fuel to the fire more often than not. Then with P2, I tend to quickly resolve the crying by giving her what she’s tantruming about or cuddling her as I’ve felt guilty for making her cry. Bad mum over here!!

Although having said that, I don’t believe there’s a wrong or a right way to deal with a tantrum. And there’s certainly many many ways to parent and many types of parent. I do dream about being the mums I’ve commonly seen, you know the ones who are organised and do plenty of fun activities at any time of the day. A mother that reasons rather than shouts. One that remembers to pack extra clothes, snacks and drinks.

I’m still learning. I’ve still got my L plates and probably always will!!! I did get some “mummy brownie points” today seeing as the weather was pretty gorgeous I took the girls over the road to a bit of grassy area for them to play. I took some lovely pictures of the girls playing amongst the spring daffodils.


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