Celebrating Fathers Day With Playmobil

Admittedly, I nearly forgot all about Fathers Day. Lockdown has most definitely turned my brain to mush. I always struggle with Fathers Day and figuring out what to buy my husband to show how much we appreciate him. Especially when he says “don’t buy me anything”.

Thankfully Playmobil had my back with the launch of their new Back To The Future playset to celebrate the films turning 35 years old! Making my gifting much easier this year.

Back To The Future is an iconic film trilogy made in 1985. Back then, this film pushed people’s imaginations and was well ahead of its time.

It’s a film I’m ashamed to admit that I have never seen but I have heard of it. It was very clear that my husband had seen it, his face was full of excitement to receive the new playset as a present from his daughters.

The Back To The Future playset comes complete with a replica of the iconic Delorean car. The set also includes figures of Marty Mcfly, Dr Emmett Brown and Einstein the dog.

I was the one chosen to put the car together. There are quite a few parts to fix the car together but the instructions are easy to follow. The Delorean even has a light-up exterior using batteries. This makes it the first Playmobil item we’ve had that lights up. We were all very impressed!

For those who were alive in the era of the Back To The Future films, I think the Playmobil Back To The Future set would make a great gift. It’s a fun replica of the car and can ignite imagination within the younger generation.

The set costs £49.99. Look how happy he is! He did want me to mention that this is his awful lockdown hairstyle right now, and he’s very much looking forward to the hairdressers opening soon.

Disclosure: This is a collaboration post with Playmobil.

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