Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise Review

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise brings the craze of both unicorns and slime together in one. When I saw the price tag of £49.99 I was very intrigued to find out whether it was worth this money.

P2 was so excited to receive this toy. It is a huge cylinder box. The concept is much the same as an L.O.L Doll where you unwrap the layers to reveal blind bags. The cylinder is plastic with wells for the blind bags to sit in.

Inside you get:

  • Sachets of ingredients to make the slime; Unicorn Magic, Unicorn Food, Unicorn Sparkle.
  • A nappy.
  • A t-shirt.
  • A hair brush.
  • The potty.
  • A spoon and a cleaning brush.
  • A drinks bottle.
  • Measuring Cup.
  • Poop container/keyring to keep the slime inside.
  • The unicorn itself.

P2 had a lot of excitement about this toy but once we opened and started to use it, we soon realised this was going to be a hard work toy. It’s definitely not as straight forward as it may seem and requires close examination of the instruction booklet.

Ultimately you have to spoon feed and bottle feed the different ingredients to create the slime which comes out of her bottom. However, if the inside compartment isn’t exactly in place or the heart accidentally gets clicked in, then the ingredients just pour straight out of her bottom. It’s very temperamental. P2 definitely lost interest as I faffed about trying to get her to work correctly.

Once the slime is created and pooped into the potty, you have to leave it to set. Children would definitely not be interested in this part because let’s face it, kids hate to wait! It says 15 minutes which is quite accurate, it’s a bit shorter if you spend time (like I did) stirring it continuously. I’m dedicated you see.

You can then add the Unicorn Magic. It slightly changes the consistency of the slime and colour. There’s cute little star glitter to add too. The slime can then be stored inside the little poop key ring. The key ring is actually slightly squidgy so you can empty the slime back out easier and it actually stays in the shape.

Once you get the hang of the Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise it’s actually quite good. The concept is great. You do have to buy extra Poopsie surprise pots to get more ingredients so I do think the £49.99 price tag is rather expensive. P2 has enjoyed just having her unicorn to play with though so that’s a positive.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Our Thoughts

Value For Money

Difficult to figure out how it works correctly. The concept is great though

User Rating: 2.43 ( 2 votes)

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