Post Pregnancy Excitments

This pregnancy isn’t even over yet and I’ve already made a list of the things I’m most looking forward to reclaiming.

Here’s my top 4:

My Eye Sight — Since way before getting pregnant I’ve needed new glasses. That’s the joys of parenthood; kids tend to knock your glasses when having cuddles or accidentally dropping them when you are trying to multi task with other things and you end up with hundreds of scratches all over the lenses. I’m pretty much blind in my right eye – that lens has clear glass. My left has the prescription lens in. Guess which one has all the scratches… yup. As I understand your eye sight changes during pregnancy so I’ve just been waiting and waiting to be able to get my eyes tested and new glasses.

My Body — I know I won’t fully get my pre-pregnancy body back as I’ll be breastfeeding. But I really am looking forward to not having my knickers roll down under my bump; I’m looking forward to being able to reach my toes without nearly suffocating myself; being able to walk from the car to the supermarket without feeling exhausted and achey with my hips; I’m looking forward to being able to sleep on my front/side/back any position really and feeling comfortable about it.

Hot Baths — I’ve naughtily been still having quite warm baths but they make me feel quite sick if I stay in too long. I’m really looking forward to having a nice, long, steamy hot, bubbly bath.

Energy — I’ve been so exhausted. And I know that my exhaustion won’t get much better with a newborn keeping us up all night. But that doesn’t stop me looking forward to being able to gain some energy and keep it. Rather than me being stupidly exhausted at every minute of the day and night.

What do/did you look forward to most about after pregnancy? Other than the beautiful newborn you’d be taking home from hospital.

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  1. Sushi 🙂 My first post delivery meal was Sushi.

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