Our Potty Training Update – 3 Months In

We officially started our potty training journey with P3 at the end of April. We received our amazing hamper of goodies from HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® to help us and from then on it was full steam ahead. I had so many worries surrounding our last potty training journey and felt quite apprehensive.

Staying indoors during the potty training phase couldn’t be an option for us like it was for P1 and P2. Our daily lives involve so many different activities that we spend very little time inside. I knew potty training P3 was going to be an interesting ride before we even began. But after reading all the helpful resources on HUGGIES® Pull-Ups potty training website, we couldn’t have felt more prepared.

I was adamant that P3 would wear big girl knickers as much as possible, but the sudden realisation that toilets weren’t so readily available meant that I was quite happy for her to be in HUGGIES® Pull-Ups during our first few weeks. The special “I feel” layer, which briefly mimics the feeling of wet underwear in the day-time pants, allowed P3 to feel herself being wet when she did a wee and I honestly believe helped her to learn faster and gave her independence – there was also the added benefit of making it easier for me!

At home, after she had got use to the idea of the Pull-Ups, we decided to let her transition and either be in the nude or wear big girl knickers. Our poor washing machine took a hit because she really struggled to make the transition from Pull-Ups to underwear. Not only this, her stubborn nature meant that she refused to sit on the potty and God forbid we expect her to use a public toilet! She’d either say no or cry and so we just went on clearing up accidents and changing knickers for a good portion of the first week. This was totally normal though and I just kept telling myself she’d get the hang of it.

I sort of knew she would get there eventually as she started to ask to go to the toilet when we were out and only ever did an accident in her HUGGIES® Pull-Ups a handful of times – I think she didn’t want the little “I See” pictures, especially Minnie Mouse, to get wet because they would disappear.

We followed the 6 Steps to Potty Success religiously. Practising at all points of the day, reminding her continuously (to the point where I even asked my husband if he needed the toilet!) and constantly encouraging her, I can now report that we haven’t used HUGGIES® Pull-Ups for a good month or so as P3 is relatively reliable now. We do still have the odd accident if she’s in a new environment or if she’s engrossed in something but she will now use a big toilet and refuses to use the potty.

However, we are still experiencing issues with her poop toileting. The first time she did a poo when wearing knickers I was very calm, but as I pulled her knickers down her poop fell on the floor and it terrified her. This was followed by a phase where she would only poop when she wore HUGGIES® Pull-Ups. At first I just went with it as I didn’t want her to get constipated or terrified. But now that she has learnt to ask and use the toilet for her wees, I felt like we needed to be consistent.

Now, P3 will occasionally use the potty for a poop but it has to be in the garden or she will just do it in her knickers and then apologise. Like I said before, it was always going to be a difficult and strange journey for us with P3. She’s a complex character, but, after receiving some fantastic tips from HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® expert, Dr Heather Wittenberg, we continue to reassure P3, remind her where her poops need to go and just go with her pace as it’s completely normal for this part of potty-training to take a bit longer. One of the most important things to remember when potty training is that every child is different and what may work for one may not for another. We’ve learnt to persevere with P3, even when she’s found it tough, but this has really stood her in good stead to becoming potty-free.

I think we are doing really well and I couldn’t have got this far with our stubborn little lady without the support of HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®. They were an absolute life support in the first few weeks and it allowed us to stay consistent which is definitely the key to success. We still have a long road to walk with P3 as she masters pooping on the toilet, being a little more reliable to not have accidents and of course eventually night time training too (we’re still in the night-time Pull-Ups for now for consistency). I’m proud of her though.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to know she’s making progress. She’ll get there soon :-).

  2. I found Huggies pull-ups a lifesaver when potty training my boy. Like you, we were always out, so they really helped. Your girl is doing so well, she’ll get there! x

  3. It sounds like she’s doing really well! It’s such a big step for them isn’t it, I’m sure she will get there fully in time! x

  4. Oh bless her, it is such a strange experience for them. I am glad the pull ups help

  5. It’s so tricky sometimes isn’t it, it took my son a little while to get his head around it! x

  6. it is hard isn’t it? But she sounds like she is doing really well! It will all come together in time x

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