Pregnancy Diaries – 12 – 13 Weeks #3

Apparently I’m entering the second trimester already! I’m supposed to start feeling more energised and less sick from now on… We’ll see…

Week 12 saw a huge wave of exhaustion and dizziness. Hubby told me to enjoy this pregnancy as it will be my last but it’s very hard to enjoy it when you feel so darn rubbish!! I’ve literally wanted to lay down wherever I am and sleep.

The doctors have prescribed me with a liquid iron, not spatone, this one is a deep orange/brown colour and tastes like coins… Not that I’ve ever eaten coins by the way! I had this when I was pregnant with P1 and it doesn’t actually taste as bad as I remember. I have to take 5ml three times a day. I’m really hoping it’ll start making me feel better in myself and less sleepy. We also received the results of the Downs Syndrome screening test and the risk is 1 in 35,000 so that’s quite relieving.

We told P1 about the new baby this week and showed her the scan. Her first reaction was “is that why you’ve been getting fat” Cheers! She’s desperate for it to be a boy just like hubby and she says it’s going to be called Max. There is a part of me that would quite welcome a little boy as apparently they are easier than girls, but that’s a daunting situation and a world of the unknown. He’d end up dressed in skirts and playing with barbies the poor boy.

I had awful nausea during the first 6-10 weeks and survived on ginger nut biscuits but the nausea and sickness seems to have disappeared unless I’m thirsty or hungry. My boobs have got a little bigger which has happened earlier than it did with P2. All I’ve been suffering majorly with is exhaustion.

I’m assuming I’ll start growing a bump very soon.

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