Pregnancy Diaries – 14 Weeks #3

I’m at that stage where I just look like I’ve been eating too much chocolate cake… Oh wait I have! I’m struggling to dress myself as I’ve always worn quite tight items of clothing. I feel fat and frumpy in anything I dare to wear. However, my boobies are slowly creeping towards my breastfeeding size so that’s a little bonus to my body.

I beginning to resent food. With P2 I put on a lot of weight that wasn’t “general pregnancy weight gain”… I look back at the pictures and physically feel sick. I was horrendous! I ate and ate and are. It’s exactly what I’m doing now, I’m eating constantly in a battle to keep myself from feeling sick. Sometimes I’m eating the right things, like bananas or yoghurt. But the majority of the time it’s crisps, cake or just huge portions of lunch/dinner.

I want to exercise more but I’ve never been an exercise person and the little I know of probably isn’t suitable for pregnancy… Like stomach crunches?? I also need to follow some sort of pregnancy diet to keep healthier. The reality is that I’d only stick to it for a maximum of a week so it’s pointless. I’m just so bad at motivation.

As you can guess the hormones have turned me into a wreck. It doesn’t help that for the past three nights I’ve been woken up every hours by P2 so lack of sleep is certainly torturing me just a tiny bit.DONATE TO BLISS
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  1. if you want to be fit i would recommend swimming you can have fun with your little one and exercise yourself)

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