Pregnancy Diaries – 15 Weeks #3

It seems a little surreal that I’m only 5 weeks away from being half way through my pregnancy!!

I was looking back on my pregnancy photos with P2 and I had quite a clear “baby bump” by 16 weeks. Well right now I simply look like I’ve eaten too many cakes. There isn’t a hard baby bump appearing at all!!

I still haven’t managed my sickness although it’s not every day and only happens when I’m really hungry. If I’m quick enough to get food down me, I’m fine which is probably why I just look fat.

We’ve decided to find out the sex of baby again. We don’t really like surprises and this baby could potentially change the way we do life in so many ways. It won’t be “get the girls in the car” anymore, it’ll be “get the kids” in the car if this one is a boy. We’ll begin to get boys toys and blue. It’s just going to be a massive change to have a son, one I’m slightly terrified about in all honesty.

I’ve also started researching double prams and my gosh they are expensive!!!! It’s clear we’ll have to buy second hand but even that’s completely out of our budget right now. I have no idea how parents of twins or two of a similar age cope but I’m certainly going to find out sooner rather than later. Obviously, if any kind company would like me to review one for them then I’d certainly be more than happy!
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