Pregnancy Diaries – 18 Weeks #3

I think I’m ready to start sharing photos of my growing bump. I don’t feel like I have a bump when I look down at myself but after taking my second bump photo the whole of this pregnancy I’ve realised I do have a tiny one forming.20140508-094657 am.jpgMy sickness is still there on occasional days, but I think I’m managing it ok-ish as long as P2 doesn’t do a dirty nappy when I’m feeling sick!!

I’m feeling less tired as a whole but have days where I feel totally exhausted, especially after doing a lot in that day. I think I’m experiencing SPD again as my right hip is absolutely killing me especially at the end of the day!

It’s still all surreal that I’m growing yet another baby inside me. I haven’t felt any movements yet and I’m sure then it will become real!

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  1. Wow that is a very neat bump! Mine is bigger than that already and I’m two weeks behind you – I actually started showing at around 12 weeks!

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