Pregnancy Diaries – 19 Weeks #3

20140515-060822 pm.jpgIt’s really crazy to think that I’m nearly 5 months pregnant already and although I’m feeling fat, I don’t really feel pregnant as such.

I felt the baby move last night and a few times today. It’s the weirdest feeling but has made this all so scarily real. I also heard it’s heart beat on Monday at my midwife appointment which was lovely. I got told off for wearing heels and told that I can’t pick up P2 too often which is practically impossible!!

This Monday we’ll find out whether “it” is a boy or a girl. We’ve been taking guesses from the family and the majority have said girl. I do think I’d be quite happy with another girl but a boy would be just as wonderful! I’d love to know what you think so please leave me a comment…

My sickness seems to have gone for now and I’m feeling more awake although my hips make me feel like an old woman!


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  1. You look so small still, you looking forward to anouther baby ?

  2. Well us girls like the heels.. πŸ™‚

  3. Heels are a girls best friend

  4. Is this your third baby ? Your brave !

  5. Well how can you do day to day life without putting up your younger child… Some midwifes do make me think do they live in the real world !!

  6. Nice little bump you have there, makes me want another one.

  7. Well us girls do have to look good don’t we, You go girl πŸ™‚ keep on rocking them heels

  8. A bit late, but I’m fairly new to your blog. Congratulations!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  9. I don’t wear heels so didn’t ever wear them when I was pregnant but all celeb parents do, and loads of my friends

    Billie from Towie uploads pictures of herself and her bump and she is always wearing massive heels!!!

    Can’t wait to find out if you have a prince or princess!! Xxx

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