Pregnancy Diaries – 22 Weeks #3

20140607-044122 pm-60082734.jpgPregnancy seems to be agreeing with me at the moment. I haven’t felt sick in a long time and my tiredness is managed slightly by having short naps with P2 in the day time.

My hips, however, are another story. I’m literally in agony if I do too much in one day. I cleaned the bathroom, a pretty small room, and by the end of it I could barely walk! I’m determined to not let it effect me too much though, I’m sitting down where possible and trying not to carry P2 as much.

Baby has been moving a lot lately. Although one day she’s more active than others. I even felt her in the middle of the night just as I was trying to go back to sleep after dealing with P2. I feel much more connected to her now that she’s moving and my bump is showing. It’s all finally very real.

We’ve bought a Moses basket with a Kiddicare voucher we had which is quite exciting. I’m beginning to think about when I need to pack my hospital bag, as with P2 I was so certain she’d arrive early that I’m sure I had it packed by now.

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