Pregnancy Diaries – 24 Weeks #3

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This week has certainly seen several changes in my body. I’ve experienced the deterioration of my poor hips. Nothing seems to relieve them now but I’m determined to push forward. It’s my last pregnancy and I will not let pain ruin it. Pffftttt. Sofa bound I am in the day.

According to those around me I am noticeably pregnant now. I suppose not being able to see my feet anymore may confirm this. It’s making it all real how though as people ask me questions about my pregnancy and ask how I’m feeling.

I saw the doctor yesterday as I was nearing the end of my repeat prescription for iron. I had to do a wee sample too and I was shocked and a little embarrassed when she said “I can tell you are hungry from your wee”. I’d only had a small lunch so she was right, how clever is wee?!

All my clothes are agitating me. They are either too small round the waist or they make me feel ultra hot with the warmer weather. My bra is definitely boarding the 4 boob look but I’m reluctant to enter into maternity bras yet as they are all so ugly and uncomfortable.

Basically this week has introduced the self loathing stage and I’m so uncomfortable with my body image at the moment. Hoping this phase is short lived.

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