Pregnancy Diaries – 25 Weeks #3

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The pregnancy seems to have slowed down and not speeding past as quickly anymore. There’s still 15 weeks left!!!

This week my bump seems to be bursting and I’m using Bio-Oil and Baby Oil as often as possible. My belly button is stretching and becoming itchy which is a little terrifying as I really do not want what happened last time and I spent the third trimester in agony from itchy bump and boobs.

P2 has started to notice a change. She laughs when I jump out of the shower and reaches her arm up onto my belly. It’s very cute. I keep worrying about her because I know there’s “middle child syndrome” that will most likely occur. How am I going to spread my time between three?!

I keep getting stitch type pains in my lower bump whenever I move too much or walk. It’s awful because it leaves me breathless. I’ve also started to feel a bit dizzy and spacey every now and then. My hips are still bad too but the majority of the time I’m coping with it, I think, apart from walking and leaving the house. That’s when I’m in agony.

Other than the fact I’ve lost my feet and can barely see my lady bits, the pregnancy is progressing well now.

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  1. I had to wave goodbye to my lady area last week. “So long, see you in a few months” – makes getting bikini ready for my antenatal swimming class fun. Not! Hope the Bio Oil works for you – I’ve been using a regular body cream and some lovely stuff from Love Boo, along with Boob Tube from Boots which is nice. Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub! xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I totally understand. It’s getting rather tricky to groom. I didn’t realise you had that linky until the other day. I got all excited 🙂

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