Pregnancy Diaries – 26 Weeks #3

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Please don’t look for too long at the weight gain. I can’t! I’ve put on 3kg since becoming pregnant and that just seems like loads, however, I did do a bit of googling about healthy weight gain in pregnancy and it’s put my mind at rest. For a woman with a normal BMI they are expected to put on between 25-35 pounds, well so far I’ve only put on 6.6 pounds which is apparently under average for my BMI.

On another note, the dreaded itchy rash has appeared once again only I’m pretty sure it’s arrived a lot sooner than it did with P2. It started above my belly button with a bit of a prickle, then the next day it was a prickly itch under my belly button and a bit below, I just knew what it was and I knew it was heading to a disastrous pregnancy again. I went straight up the doctors, showed pictures of what happened before and really made it clear with them that something needed to be done. They were amazing and so much more efficient than the doctor/hospital in Essex.

I was immediately prescribed a huge tub of Doublebase Gel to keep my skin moisturised and some hydrocortisone (only 1% steroid) to help with the itching and sent for a blood test. The good news is that despite this heat I have only used the steroid cream once and have been using the moisturiser twice daily. The blood test also came back normal.

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I’ve officially outgrown literally all my clothes now. My bras. My shorts. My summer dresses. My leggings are tight around the waist. It’s getting me down a little, looking at all the wonderful summery stuff I had waiting to be worn that will have to wait another year. Especially as this years weather has been pretty blooming gorgeous!

I only have 14 weeks left!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I suppose I should start packing my hospital bag soon… What did/will you pack?

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  1. Oh blimey don’t mention the hospital bag! I’m 28 weeks now and still haven’t sorted the nursery or even thought about the hospital bag. And I’m impressed you’re keeping such a thorough track of your weight gain – we don’t even own scales! I’m literally the least organised pregnant woman in the world! Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again – glad to hear your rash seems to be under control now. xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Rash has all gone! Woooo hooooooo!! For now. I think it was due to dryness and stretching combined.

      Hubby is nesting I think. He keeps mentioning the hospital bag and thinks I should have it packed this week. I agree but only because P1 was early so it’s always best to be prepared. Only problem is, I can’t even remember what to pack?!

      I’m only keeping track so I don’t put on too much, with P2 I put on so much weight that wasn’t just baby related. I’ve been very cautious of it this time

  2. I have not weighed myself at all and have looked away at appointments where they have but I know already that your weight gain is a lot better than mine! Sorry to hear about your rash, sounds and looks annoying. Hope it clears up x x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I don’t normally care about my weight as I’m so tiny. But I was interested this pregnancy as I’ve heard it’s harder to lose with the more kids you have?!?!

      Thankfully the rash has actually cleared up. I’m still using the moisturiser daily though. I bet it was due to the stretching and dryness.

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