Pregnancy Diaries – 27 Weeks #3

20140710-083822 pm-74302256.jpg

I was looking through my Facebook pictures today and comparing P2s bump to this one. I think I was bigger/rounder with P2 than P3. What do you think??

20140710-051317 pm-61997250.jpg

I’m not quite controlling my hip and back pain anymore. In fact I’m really struggling some days. It’s like a pain where you really need to click a bone but it just won’t. I get stuck trying to get up from laying on the sofa and it’s not just my right hip now, it’s onto my left hip and lower back.

When looking at my old bump pics I came across a picture of P2s hospital bag. It was labelled “22 weeks pregnant and I’ve basically packed my hospital bag“. So I’m currently 5 weeks late on packing my bag compared to last time! I’ve started gathering some bits and have just plonked them in the case but I haven’t made a checklist or nearly arranged anything just yet. I think we’re planning to get our toiletries in the next few days. A hospital bag post will follow soon.

I’m so hungry this week. I’ll eat and eat then regret it when the digestion pains kick in. I’m also very blooming thirsty. No matter how much water or juice I drink I still want more. I’ve had to be careful not to drink too much!

Oh, as for my itchy skin, well that’s completely disappeared just like a miracle. I’m moisturising it daily with the prescribed gel but I’ve only ever used the steroid cream once. It’s seriously like some sort of magic cream, I’m astounded and obviously over the moon!

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  1. I think your bump does look different – funny to see how different pregnancies can be, isn’t it? I need to start thinking about getting organised, thanks for the prompt x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’ve just shoved everything in my bag. Haven’t folded or packed properly yet. Have a feeling I’ll forget. Oh well.

  2. I think your bump is beautiful, but yes its less round than last time. I keep meaning to dig out old bump photos myself to compare! Take it easy with the back and hip- have you mentioned to midwife?
    x x x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you! Yes it’s been mentioned, I got told off for wearing 1 inch heels and sitting with my legs crossed. Oh and lifting my 17month old too much. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. So impressed at having a hospital bag packed at 20something weeks. Will take it as inspiration … At 32 weeks I still haven’t given it much serious thought! Sorry for the back pain … Hope baby eases up on you a bit & you get some relief. #BlogBumpClub

  4. I either can barely eat or need to eat everything in the house!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  5. Hi Hun,

    My belly itches all the time, sometimes at work I just have to go and scratch it in the loos, how crazy.

    Im also struggling big time with my back.Finding it so hard to sleep and get comfy. Im tossing and turning all night long which really annoys the other half.

    Ive just come across your blog whilst looking for pregnancy posts to read through. Im from Blogging Mummy. I do a weekly linky each Sunday. This weeks link is would love for you to come and link up so I can follow your journey.


    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’ve followed you over on bloglovin. I’ll try to link up 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting. Your blog looks great too.

      I’ve been in pain a lot today. And definitely go and get your itchy skin checked!

  6. Really pleased your itching has gone – that must have been horribly uncomfortable. Hope the hip pain gets better too! You have a lovely bump – it’s so interesting to see how differently every woman carries and also how differently women carry in different pregnancies. I’m very impressed at your organisational skills with the hospital bag prep, I’m nearly 29 weeks and nowhere near ready! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again! x

  7. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever packed a hospital bag as early as 22 weeks – I might get around to it at about 38 weeks this time – two overdue babies make me think I’ve probably got time on my side!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      My first was born at 33 weeks. I’d had my bag packed quite early on with her if I remember. Then with my second I felt extremely cautious so had it all packed early just in case, she didn’t arrive until 39+1 though.

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