Pregnancy Diaries – 29 Weeks #3

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This week has seen us attending two maternity appointments. The first was down at the hospital with the consultant who’s been watching over me. I’m technically classed as a high risk pregnancy again for preterm labour so they’ve wanted to keep an eye on things, however, on Monday they decided to “discharge” me from their care.

On the same day I also had my routine appointment with the community midwife. I had my blood taken and as normal my blood pressure is quite low. It seems to average at 80/50 give or take a few numbers and with this heat that is the most likely explanation for my dizziness I had last week. She also measured my tummy and came to the conclusion that I’m measuring up small, at 28 weeks I should be measuring 28cm but I’m only 26cm. She’s a little concerned so has booked to see me in just two weeks to do more measurements. At this point I don’t feel very worried by it as I’m small myself.

I’ve been feeling very tired this week. I’ve been napping when P2 naps but still by their bedtime it’s a struggle not to fall asleep next to them on the floor, and by 10pm I’m snoozing on the sofa and hubby is sending me up to bed! I’m still taking liquid iron 3 times a day and depending on the result of my blood test they may refer me for more tests.

The heat is still awful but I do feel like my body is getting used to it though. I’ve found one of my really baggy, long vest top things that I’ve been wearing as a dress when at home. I feel very frumpy but it’s the only thing to keep me cool so I’m really not bothered whilst in my own home. The hospital bag is still a mess but I bought my first pack of maternity pads the other day so apart from pjs/nightie, it’s all ready. I need to find some time motivation to sort through P2s old clothes to see what we have and don’t have.

The past few days have been awful. This little lady has been sitting in the most uncomfortable of positions. Very low in my pelvis and then wriggling around a lot!! I’ve never known a baby to move so much in all honesty. I spent last night in agony, worrying I was about to go into premature labour or something. Other than the past few days I’ve been feeling great in myself!

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  1. I’m finding a nap is a requirement, even if only for 20 minutes about 5pm. I’m a few weeks ahead of you and the heat is driving me insane. I’ve got a few bits for the hospital bag but haven’t started packing it yet – really need to start thinking about it!

  2. Think its good your not letting the measurements worry you. All babies grow at different speeds and sizes. With my first I measured about 7 weeks ahead.They said I was going to have a big baby and he was 8,10 which is a bit above average but not massive.

    Think this heat is getting to all of us pregnant ones at the min. Its a killer for me. LIke you Im asleep on the sofa by 10. Feel bad as dont spend a lot of time with hubby, but I just cant stay awake.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I also nap in the day. It’s embarrassing.

      I was so concerned with my second after my first being early that with this one I’m just so laid back. Something will probably go drastically wrong and I’ll regret being so slack.

  3. Oh I hate that high risk label almost as much as the dreaded tape measure!! I too am classed as high risk and always measure up small. This time they pre booked growth scans for us as they were sure baby would be ‘too small’ again. I have the midwife on Thursday and I guess she will measure me then so we’ll see what happens! I think you look great and I hope you continue to do well right up to the very end! x x x x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you. Although I don’t fancy going over!! One early, 1 on time and 1 over. It’ll be Sod’s law won’t it. X

  4. Congrats on not being high risk any more! The bebe is totally always on my pelvis so I feel your pain—literally!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  5. Yay for being discharged from high risk – it’s a lovely feeling isn’t it! I’m with you on the low kicks feeling really strange too; sometimes it feels like the baby has brought their hands up to their face and then started tickling my innards – which probably isn’t too far from the truth!

  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been so uncomfortable – I don’t think the heat helps at all! I love the sunshine but only when I’m near cold water to dip my swollen feet and ankles into. You’ve inspired me to sort my own hospital bag out next week. Mine currently consists of a toothbrush and that’s it! Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again – here’s to a more comfortable week next week! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I saw your trip to the beach. Sounded lovely. Our beach is now too far to drive to. Used to live so close.

  7. Oh we are bump twins! I’ve been a bit uncomfortable too but there isnt long to go now!



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