Pregnancy Diaries – #3 Growth Scan Results

My midwife had slight concerns for P3s growth since I was 28 weeks and measuring a few weeks behind. She sent me for a scan today to make sure everything was actually ok. I hadn’t been that worried until last night and just before the scan when sudden thoughts of the worst kept filling my brain. What if there was something drastic going on like my placenta failing? What if they’d have to induce me or I’d have to go on bed rest or something?!

We all went for the scan; hubby, P1 and P2. I’m not sure how much P2 understands but she was pointing at the screen going “look” and P1 was smiling away too. I have to really hold back my emotions when the girls do cute things like that. Luckily, everything’s going perfectly and P3 is exactly on the 50th centile for growth. Currently weighing in at 4lbs 1oz already!!!!!!


This scan was amazing though compared to the others we’ve had even with P1 and P2. It was so clear. P3 is well buried into my pubic area head down and you could see every little detail of her face, the lady scanning me even held it there for us to watch as she said it’s quite rare for them to have their hands away from their faces. We could see P3 opening and closing her eyes. It was magical. She also checked to make sure no manly bits had grown since the last time and that too was so clear. You could see every tiny line of her lady area which, although sounds quite horrible, was pretty awesome!

We have a healthy, active and wonderful little lady cooking away inside. The scan today has certainly made everything feel very real and very exciting! 8 weeks and 2 days left.

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