Pregnancy Diaries – 30 Weeks #3

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Somebody asked me yesterday how far gone I was and I was quite shocked when I realised that I was 30 weeks tomorrow. How crazy is that?! I’m thirty weeks out of 40. There’s only ten more weeks to go!!!!

I feel a bit relieved if I’m honest. It’s a little naive of me really but I feel more positive that if I go into premature labour things will be ok. P1 arrived in just three weeks time technically. I’m really hoping I don’t go overdue but there’s this little niggly feeling that I know I will. It’ll mean I’ve experienced every type of length of pregnancy; premature, term and overdue.

We haven’t got a full length mirror in our house and with my height I can’t even see our over the sink mirror so I normally make do with one of those round portable ones. Yesterday, I was wearing a tightly fitted dress and caught a glimpse of myself in the public toilet full length mirror. I never realised just how big I actually am until that point. I’ve been feeling quite small but in reality I’m ginormous!!

My hospital bag has been sorted and folded. I’ve still got to add a few bits; my pjs/nightie, a vest for baby, phone charger, snacks, nappies for baby and wipes. Oh and hair bands. But I’m pleased that I’ve at least folded the stuff that’s inside it already.

I’m still napping during most days but in general am feeling more awake. I’m starting to get quite nervous about the fast approaching birth now and becoming a family of 5!!

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  1. What’s weird is that I think of 30 weeks in my head as being a third of the time less (due to just entering the third trimester) but it’s not at all, is it? Yikes! It seems like a count down now…excited for both os us though x

  2. I remember 30 weeks being a bit of a milestone for me too.Like, ok so I am VERY pregnant now! I know I didn’t look anywhere near as good as you do though!! All my babies have been overdue (apart from my elective section but I am sure she would’ve been too) so I am fully prepared for the full 42 weeks this time! I hope you don’t go so late but let me tell you its not all that bad!! x x x

  3. Yikes you are the second person less along than I am with a hospital bag packed on #blogbumpclub this week. I think I’m in denial as I’ve not even thought about mine.

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It makes me feel less worried when I find others that are further along and not packed yet as I’ve still got a few bits to get that’s making me feel panicky.

  4. Oh gawd I need to get my hospital bag sorted – I’m approaching 32 weeks! Your bump is lovely – exciting to reach the 30 week mark! x

  5. We don’t have a full mirror either so I’m the same – it’s only when I see myself in photos or shop mirrors that I realise just how huge I’ve got!

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