Pregnancy Diaries – 31 Weeks #3


My energy levels have stooped. I’m so exhausted this week I’ve been going to bed quite quickly after the girls. Despite this though I’ve had motivation appear from nowhere to sort the kitchen cupboards and even walk to Tesco to grab a few bits and bobs here and there.

I’m going to blame my pregnancy on this next thing I’ve been dealing with this week. Hamsters. Yup, it’s very odd. I’ve been obsessing over getting the girls a hamster, it originally started as an odd conversation here and there but this past week I can’t remember a day where I haven’t mentioned the word hamster. It’s even got to the point that I’m dreaming about them every night, oh and now blogging about them. My poor hubby is being driven crazy! I’m going blooming crazy. It’s horrible. It’s like a really intense urge that I just can’t control. Like a food craving.

I’ve been feeling quite down this week. Everything’s been annoying or upsetting me. My clothes. My pale face. The way my legs now rub together. My aching back. The fact I can’t reach or see my lady bits anymore. My scraggly hair. My tiredness. My mood swings. My random tears about not getting a hamster. Isn’t pregnancy just so attractive!!!

I’m sure, at least I hope, that it’s all just a phase. I have to keep looking forward to the end, where we’ll be a completed family and have our pink bundle with us. I’m looking forward to feeling like me again!

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  1. I totally get how your feeling with the tiredness and back aching. Im tired all the time (35 weeks) and my back aches non stop. I cant ever get comfy how ever I lay or sit. xx

  2. Oh gawd, I get like this too – obsess over things and then can’t settle. I’m blaming pregnancy too! My latest thing was finding the perfect colour for the nursery. Before that, it was all about getting my daughter a rabbit (still not got one yet!) and, before that, I was Googling birthing balls for about a week before I actually bought one. You’re definitely not alone! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m so glad I’m not alone. I feel like a complete freak dreaming and fantasising about flipping hamsters!!!! Kids do things like that!!!!!

  3. Oh yes, I get this. Not the hamster thing but all the rest!! It’s not easy being pregnant so cut yourself some slack. You’re allowed to moan đŸ™‚ x x x

  4. Hamsters! haha made me chuckle! I’m so very tired too! At least I only have myself to worry about. I really admire pregnants with children, I dont know how you cope!



  5. Hope the energy returns soon, I can remember those days.

  6. Catriona Stephen

    I remember when I was pregnant I really wanted to buy a fish! God knows why!! #WeekendBlogHop

  7. You’ve just reminded me I had a weird dream where I had the baby but kept it in a big cup but the misplaced said cup.

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼

  8. Working mum blog

    My legs rub up to, its so annoying – vaseline helps! I am 32 weeks right now with my first one. đŸ™‚

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