Pregnancy Diaries – 32 Weeks #3

I’m feeling a little more positive in myself this week compared to last week but pregnancy has certainly started getting difficult with regards to moving around. Apart from the obvious running after P2, I haven’t been very active this pregnancy anyway but this past week I’ve been struggling with random shooting pains in my groin whenever I get up from sitting. I think it’s all linked with the hip and back pain I’ve been experiencing.

I still haven’t completed my hospital bag. It’s so nearly there, I just need wipes, nappies, pjs for me and snacks. I also haven’t even started to sort through what clothes we have for baby which is making me a little panicky. I know I sold a certain age group but cannot remember which one and I have the awful gut feeling it could be the newborn size!!

Every time I spend quality time with P2 or she does something utterly adorable I get a little emotional and keep saying in my head “I’ll miss you” because I have this awful thought that I’m going to be consumed with P3 and never have enough time to cuddle P2. I’m feeling very anxious about the time I’ll be unable to enjoy naptime snuggles with P2 which is something we do daily. I’m scared that P1 will be pushed out too, even more so and that I’ll just not be able to stretch myself into three pieces equally. It’s all getting a little on top of me.

Oh and I’ve been really struggling to sleep the past few days. It’s not the getting to sleep that’s the issue, it’s the staying asleep. P2 is still a night waker, she did get better and the first “wake up” would be at 5am but for the past two nights she’s been waking every two-three hours but last night was the worst, she woke every hour until 5am then slept for two hours straight before being up for the day.

That teamed with my pregnancy struggles like needing to pee every hour and being uncomfortable in my laying positions which are pretty limited. Then having hubby sleep, unknowingly, in the middle of the bed despite my nudges shoves for him to roll over. All of those factors have contributed to my exhaustion, lack of motivation, bad back and horrible mood the past few days.

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  1. Lack of sleep is the worst. My husband’s a teacher so is off for the school holidays at the moment. This morning I took advantage of him being home, ignored my own work and went back to bed – I slept from 9.30am until 12pm! I’ve been sleeping so badly the last few nights I really needed it. If only we could do that every day when we needed to! Hope you get some more rest and feel better soon. Sleep has such a huge impact on our mood, I must admit I’m panicking a bit about how I’ll manage with a newborn and all the night waking again! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub x

  2. I know the feeling worrying about spending time with your first. It all clicks into place though. X

  3. Hats off to Mums with big bellies and little children to look after! I bet your’re exhausted!


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