Pregnancy Diaries – 33 Weeks #3

Being 33 weeks pregnant is a sort of milestone for me. At 33+1 I gave birth to P1. It feels really odd when I think about it, there’s still quite a way to go yet it’s also literally just around the corner. Reaching 33 weeks gives me a reassurance that things can be ok!

I’m really hoping the remaining weeks fly past because this past week has seen the pain in my back and hips increase to a nearly unbearable state. I just can’t get comfy anymore whether it’s during the day or at night. I’m in constant pain. I feel like all I’m doing is moaning but it’s pretty tricky not to when you feel the way I do.

The doctor said to me this week that “the more pregnancies you have, your cervix pouts earlier on. The means it’s more open to the elements and your vagina produces more mucus to prevent infections” it’s basically a polite way of saying I have a gaping big hole between my legs. So I’m also dealing with increased discharge on top of my pain and bad mood. Pregnancy is so pleasant!

Apart from the loving kicks I get from P3, it’s a real struggle being pregnant and having a toddler. I think I have about three outfits that fit me and when at home I quickly change back into this peach coloured top that’s like wearing a tent. It’s far more painful this time round and I cannot wait to have our new baby girl in our arms and I hope I’ll begin to return back to me. With thighs that don’t rub and a vagina that doesn’t gape.

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  1. Oh it really is hard being pregnant and having a toddler to look after too isn’t it? You have my symptathies- without the pain that you’re in I am struggling too. Hopefully everything eases up for you soon x x x

  2. I’ve gone to assessment twice because of increased discharge I thought was waters—lovely right?

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼

  3. You are right it is not very comfortable at this stage in pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Oh I’m sorry you’re finding it so hard. You must be kind to yourself and rest when you can. Of course it’ll be worth it in the end but it’s completely natural to feel hacked off. Don’t apologise for moaning! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again. x

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