Pregnancy Diaries – 36 Weeks #3

I seem to have lost 1.7kg in the past week?! Not quite sure how as I’ve been eating what feels like non-stop. My appetite is ridiculous.

This week I have actually been feeling a bit better in myself with regards to preparation things, but my body isn’t feeling any better. Today in particular I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure in my lower bump and have been feeling very tired. P2 isn’t sleeping very well and I think both her and I have caught a bit of a cold!! I’m hoping it’ll disappear as quick as it came because sneezing during pregnancy is rather unattractive.

I can’t believe I’ll be classed as full term next week. It just makes me think about P1 and why she came so early. Even with P2 they were adamant I wouldn’t be able to carry a baby to term because of my stature but clearly they were so wrong.

I worked out the other day that both girls were born on a Wednesday. Creepy hey?! P1 at 33+1 days pregnant and P2 at 39+1. When I forget about my nerves I’m actually beginning to get a little bit excited. The end is so near!

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  1. Wow not long to go now at all- it seems to have flown by! Can’t wait to see your new addition! x

  2. I’m so glad you are proving them wrong!! The later weeks can be so uncomfortable, I hope you’re able to get some rest at some point x x x

  3. It is SO exciting! And you’ve done so well to get this far. Hope you get some more sleep and the colds pass – I’m with you on the sneezing thing. When I had a cold a couple of months ago it was like Russian roulette every time I sneezed. Every sneeze without wetting myself felt like an achievement! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Panty liners are a must. Especially during a cold!! I’m always on the loo making sure I have nothing to sneeze out haha! Pregnancy is attractive.

  4. How do you know what your weight is vs. the baby’s. It would be great to know if you don’t mind sharing, my mother in law keeps asking me about the baby’s weight and I keep giving the generic weight given from online. Thanks

  5. I’m starting to get excited too! 🙂 how have you managed the weight loss, you new to tell me your secret 😉 x

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