Pregnancy Diaries – 38 Weeks #3

My 38 week pregnancy with P2 was quite different to this pregnancy. I had terribly itchy skin and was feeling quite ill.

This week I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable, especially in the evenings. I’m getting frequent tightenings but only in the evening. It’s like my body is telling me to rest even though it’s pretty much all I have been doing.

Yesterday and today I’ve had the need to wee increases, but usually there’s nothing actually there. It’s just a lot of pressure. The pain in my back has also increased from being just focused pain around my hips to being all over my lower back. I’ve also experienced some shooting pains in my lower bump/lady bits area. My bump has certainly dropped so this is probably the cause of all the discomfort when walking or standing for too long.

I’m so hungry. I’m not sure if that’s a pregnancy symptom for this stage, but I’m eating all the time and still feeling so hungry!!

I’m completely ready now. I think we have enough clothes, although the newborn stage isn’t exactly booming. I have leaky boobs ready for feeding. We have nappies. We have the SnuzPod set up and bouncer downstairs. Our bags are packed. All that’s needed is a baby. I’m still very tired and hubby isn’t well but I am one of those pregnant people that is ticking off each day.

14 days until due date…


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  1. ooooh not long to go now! Your bump is still looking fabulous, even if you aren’t really feeling it 🙂 x x x

  2. Good to hear that you are ready. I look forward to hearing how you get on, it sounds like it won’t be long. Enjoy your weekend and get all the rest you need. X

  3. Ah lovely, it won’t be long now. Make sure you rest up when you can. Can’t wait to see your new addition very soon! x

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