Pregnancy Diaries – 40 Weeks My Due Date

I’m 40 weeks pregnant today I’m sitting with my 10 day old baby girl on my due date. My tummy is still a bit of a wobbly mess but it’s getting there considering I’m not exercising yet.

It’s really hard to believe that we have a baby now. These past ten days have gone so quickly and although there’s parts of my life I miss before P3 arrived, like snuggling with P2 or going to the toilet without needing assistance from someone to watch over the kids, it feels like P3 has always been here. She’s slotting in quite nicely now that the initial shock of being parents to three has started to wear out.

Today has been a pretty bad day. I’ve been rather teary, P3 has been rather teary and P2 has been very clingy. We managed to get out and do a little food shop and tomorrow marks the start of a busy weekend.

I keep looking at her and feeling all emotional. This time it’s set that she’s our very last which means every day is one day less of having “baby” memories. I’m taking a lot of photos and am trying to cherish every moment which is quite difficult when there’s two other littles that are also growing up and becoming independent wonderful little ladies themselves.

Happy Due Date Princess 3!!!

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