“pretty much shoved her in the car”

Following on from a pretty tough night, P2 had a pretty amazing Sunday. I felt a need to have a break from her and pretty much shoved her in the car with my Mum & SD when they went to Camber to collect my brother.

I felt majorly guilty but my OH was off to the gym so that would have just left me and the girls alone. With a banging headache and plenty of washing to catch up on, I just wasn’t prepared for arguments.

P1 actually had a wonderful day, and even went to bed with no little fuss. Here’s the photos of her day:20130819-035519 AM.jpg

20130819-035524 AM.jpg

20130819-035530 AM.jpg

20130819-035534 AM.jpg

20130819-035541 AM.jpg

20130819-035548 AM.jpg

20130819-035556 AM.jpg

20130819-035600 AM.jpgLook at how beautiful she is. It really makes you question just how I could ever be angry with her.

I managed to get all our washing done and even did some ironing. I’ve also been busy trying to get ideas for wedding favours… I want something a little different…

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