How to Prevent Brain Drain Over the Summer Holidays

The kids have been working hard all year, and it’s finally time for the summer holidays. But, six weeks out of the classroom is undoubtedly going to have an impact on their organisational skills and ability to learn and remember things. So, while it’s important that children get time to rest and recuperate over the summer, it might be worthwhile doing one or two activities with them to prevent ‘brain drain’ and keep their minds sharp…

That’s where Hope Education comes in. Hope Education has produced this infographic to give parents some ideas when it comes to keeping kids’ brains active while they’re out of the classroom. Ideas range from things as simple as downloading an educational game on an iPad to going for a family day out at a football game or museum. Take a look for yourself and decide if any of these activities look like a good idea for your kids this summer.

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  1. weve been doing reading, writing, spelling, maths and some other activities each and every day

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