Primary School Places The Second Time Round

On the 1st November last year I submitted an application for a Primary School place for P2. This was the first day that the application process was open and we already knew which three schools we would be putting down so it was pointless to wait.

Applying this time, a second time, felt different. We didn’t view any schools or go to any open events. We knew that we wanted P2 to go to the same school as P1 and we were nearly certain we’d be ok due to the Siblings criteria being met.

When we applied for P1s school when we were living in Essex, things were quite different. I viewed three local schools and we definitely had our preferences. We wanted a small school for P1 so that she wouldn’t get worn out with her hypermobility problems. We stupidly only put one school down on the admissions applications.

We didn’t get the school we wanted. Long story cut very short, we appealed, went to a hearing and it got denied. P1 was then offered a place in a school we hadn’t viewed just one week before they were due to start. But it opened up our eyes for the second time round and helped us understand the criterias. Appealing is more often than not, pointless.

The 18th April came round so quickly but I hadn’t really given the day much thought. I remember being so nervous for P1s offer of school place. This time, we were preoccupied by life and also had a blog event to attend that day. Our minds were distracted come 4pm when emails were expected to start being sent out.

I actually received our email at 4:41pm but didn’t get a chance to read it until after 6pm! We got our first place, the same school as P1 and we are thrilled. I felt a weight lifted that I didn’t even realise was there. We immediately told P2, text our family and celebrated in the car on our way home.

P1s school is getting completely rebuilt and should be ready for when P2 starts. P2 thinks it’s a school being built for her and is really excited about going. Every morning for the past few weeks she’s been asking if it is time to go to big school. I am so excited for September and for her to find herself in her school career.

Did you get your first choice for school admissions? Do you have any whacky stories about the school application process? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Eeek! So glad you got your first choice this time around. At the end of this year we will begin this process looking at schools for my daughter xx

  2. We only applied for one school and got it. It’s in walking distance of our house and that’s why we met the criteria.

  3. Sarah Cantwell

    Aw I’m so pleased you got the school you wanted. It will make life so much easier.

  4. Ah that is so good you got the same school as P1, it can be such a worrying time for people with school choices.

  5. I must admit I paid very little attention to schools admissions the second time round – like you I knew we were fairly safe on the siblings rule!

  6. That’s so good that you have got the school you wanted as it is such a crazy time for a lot of people. We are so lucky with our one school on the island and that everyone goes there, plus it is a lovely school 🙂

  7. I’m glad you got your first choice for P2 and your girls will be going to school together! We also got our first choice of school for Sophie, which was a huge relief! x

  8. Im yet to experiance the school admissions process with Blake being two however we are starting to look into pre-schools and I’m hoping the one close to us is good and that he will be able to get in.

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