To My Princess 1 – 6 Years

To my Princess 1,

I can’t believe where all these years are disappearing to. I have to admit it does feel like such a long time ago that you were that tiny premature baby fighting for life.

You keep asking me if by being six it’ll mean you’ll be big as in tall. I have to keep reminding you that it’s actually quite nice being small.

We’ve had a lovely day today. We booked a surprise Pantomime trip for you which you seemed to enjoy. Then Nannie T and family came to see you in the evening.

You’ve been totally spoilt already and it’s not even Christmas yet!

I wonder what being six will mean for you. Will you suddenly become even more independent?! I do know it’s one step closer to being in double figures and closer to being a teenager. An adult. What a scary thought!!

You’ve achieved so much my beautiful girl and I know we have our arguments sometimes but I’m so proud of absolutely everything you do each day.

Happy birthday Princess!

Love Mummy x

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  1. Happy Birthday to P1!

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