To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 4 Months

To my Princess 2,

Last month I said we had been introduced to your tantrums. Well they are still going  very strong! You have really grown in your attitude when it comes to things you want or don’t like. You’ll throw yourself or scream. It’s really quite cute but we have begun to put a stop to it and introduced you to the naughty step.

You’ve moved into a big bed this month too. Although it’s just your cot mattress on the floor really. We’ve had a few horrible nights but I think you are gradually getting used to it. You hate having your duvet on you when you fall asleep and most of the time when we check on you, you are laying in the middle of the bedroom floor.

We’ve been taking you to feed the ducks a lot lately. You can say “duck” very clearly which is cute. You have no fear though, walking right up to the waters edge and standing in between 12 goslings which are now taller than you are. There’s me standing there petrified and you are happily feeding them with bread and even stroking a duck at one point.

You are so brave and adventurous now. Climbing on everything you shouldn’t, getting into everything you shouldn’t and really keep us on our toes. You love to go food shopping, mainly because it’s your chance to run and grab anything you see. I spend my life clearing up after things you’ve decided are interesting to play with, like our hot dog tins or packets of biscuits laying about the house!

Love Mummy x

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