“I definitely need to get my big camera out more often”

Today, I decided to get the big camera out and take some shots of P3. She’s been in the world just over three weeks and we’ve barely any good quality photos of her, they’ve all been on our phone cameras.


I took some tips from lovely Mr Internet on how best to take newborn photos and put what I had learnt to the test. I’m actually really happy with the results. All the photos in this post are unedited. To be fair there was only a total of 15 photos that were focused right or posed right out of about 100.


I definitely need to get my big camera out more often and shoot all three of the girls. It also needs to come with us on all our outings because I feel like I’m not capturing or documenting their childhood like I should with amazing photos and videos.


I’m just in love with the photos I took today.

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  1. They are gorgeous photos! I agree I need to start using my big camera more too!

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