A Princess For Every Personality With H&A

I have three daughters and each one is completely different with their personalities. My eldest is very particular with things, my middle is definitely the more outgoing and my youngest is quite shy. One thing that brings them together is definitely their girliness. They all take great interest in my makeup and what they want to wear each day.

disney princesses

When H&A sent us their new Disney Princesses hair care range I knew this would really please my three girls. They created two little gift sets for my older princesses to enjoy which included a Disney Princesses Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler each plus a Quick Dry Spray to share between them. They also were given cute comb type tiaras, wands and a pencil each.

They were so excited about the products and I was too. Each one (except the Frozen Range) had a different Disney Princess on and they claimed which one they wanted, P1 with the Frozen set and P2 with the different Princesses. Before I just used a standard kids shampoo that they shared but now they have their own and I can’t stress how much this has helped with hair washes.

The products are Hypoallergenic, no-tears, mild and gentle and smell absolutely delicious. I have even been using the Quick Dry Spray which can be used with or without heat and I honestly believe it has helped in the drying speed of both mine and the girls hair. I have been so thrilled with the hair care range from H&A. The Detangler has also been an absolute life saver as P1s hair gets extremely knotty. She complains less and it leaves her hair feeling more fresh and smelling delightful too.


The new range can be bought in Sainsburys and Tesco costing around £2 each which is such a good price considering you just need a tiny amount each wash.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. They look sooo cute! That range looks great for a little princess girl

  2. This all looks super cute, I must bare these in mind when it comes to E’s birthday.

  3. Oh I need the detangler big time, not even for the big kid but for myself lol. Great price too x

  4. I think even my little boy would think this is amazing! Off to Sainsburys I go!

  5. right I’m off to sainsbury to get this tomorrow. Eva is useless at washing her hair etc but I’m sure she will with anything frozen on it lol x

  6. These are so cute, it’s a shame I only have boys and they’re definitely not into princesses, lol

  7. Mother Under Measure

    They’re so cute! x

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