Princess Polly’s Potty – A Book To Help Potty Training

We have been potty training P3 for about five months now. She’s been doing really well but it’s definitely been a slower progress than her big sisters. She has been dry in the day for a while, with the odd accident of course, but her poops are a big problem still. It doesn’t matter how we approach it, gentle or a little tougher, she just doesn’t want to poop on a potty or toilet. I was definitely excited to receive a potty training book to review from Ladybird.

There are two books in the series; Pirate Pete and Princess Polly. We chose the Princess Polly’s Potty as we felt this would be best suited for P3 as more relatable for her. The book is a noisy book with a button that cheers when you press it which helps to bring the pages to life.

I love how the book is written. It has this really gentle approach to potty training and takes you step by step through each stage of potty training. I especially love how in the first pages you are introduced to Polly as a nappy wearer and that her family members do not wear nappies. I like that they said that the baby sister wears a nappy and this encourages the want to be a big girl in my opinion.

The illustrations are simply beautiful. P3 was really excited for me to read this book with her because it’s a topic that is a big part of her life right now. I can imagine for a child who is about to embark on the potty training journey, that Princess Polly’s Potty book would be a really useful starter to introduce the whole process. Let’s face it, potty training is a scary step for everybody involved.

Despite it being a very gentle book, the Princess Polly’s Potty book is full of little details that usually isn’t included, like making sure to wipe from front to back, picking a potty and going shopping for big girl knickers. There are also questions on each page that helps your child become part of the journey that Polly is going on and helps to keep those steps in your child’s own mind for their own journey.

P3 was really interested in the part of the book where Polly is learning to do poops on the potty. This book really makes the whole situation feel less scary and the image of a poop in the potty made P3 giggle. The words just make it all feel friendly and like you are talking with a friend. We also teamed our reading journey with a Princess Polly reward chart which really motivates P3 to get all her stickers and win a reward at the end.

I honestly love this book and I am so thankful to have found it for P3 finally. I am also pleased to inform everybody that on the very evening after reading this book, P3 asked me to use the toilet for a poop and she only went and actually did one!! She was so proud of herself and I nearly cried myself. Something had obviously triggered her brain when reading the story and so we are reading it quite a few times each day to help her remember that it’s absolutely fine to do accidents, to poop on the potty and to be a big girl. You can buy your own for under £5 here! 

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review of Princess Polly’s Potty. I’m going to check it out.

  2. I love how cute this is – and that it comes with a sticker chart!

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