Protecting Bottoms With Bepanthen

It’s always nice to receive something in the post. Our postman/woman is always pretty busy delivering various things to us and I’m sure she thinks I’m some sort of shopaholic but being a blogger that works with brands means we get to try out some lovely things. We had a lovely package arrive to us from Bepanthen the other week and I could smell the contents before I’d even opened the box. It was amazing.

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Inside there was some goodies for all us girls, sorry Hubby, and personally I fell instantly in love with my goodies. A lavender smelling eye mask, a shopper bag and a beautiful candle. I have become a little obsessed with candles and have started a little collection as there’s currently four downstairs now. All the girls received a really fluffy Bepanthen Bunny so there’s no fighting there as they all look the same which is fabulous. P3 was spoilt with not only the bunny but a cute little bib and of course the Bepanthen products themselves, Nappy Care Ointment and Baby Moisturiser.

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Nappy rash is the one thing I have battled with during my parenting journey. One minute your baby has a beautiful, peachy bottom and the next just a few hours later, they can have a bright red and painful bottom staring back at you. I have always had a tube of Bepanthen with me. It’s inevitable when you think about the conditions of your child’s delicate skin, continuously wrapped up in a hot nappy and in contact with wee and poo throughout the day and night. Here are 4 tips to help prevent those sore bottoms as much as possible:

  1. Change often. This is obvious and personally I hate seeing a huge saggy nappy and change P3s frequently throughout the day.
  2. Naked time. I am terrified of allowing my kids to run around naked but by doing this you are allowing your babies skin to get lots of air and breathe.
  3. Clean thoroughly. This is obvious, to prevent nappy rash you need to make sure there are no harmful chemicals from wee and poop around your baby’s bottom so clean all the creases.
  4. Using a protective ointment. I never did with P1 or P2 and would only use ointment when we had a red bottom situation. With P3 I have frequently used a protective ointment, Bepanthen works by not only helps to fix the problem but it also forms a transparent layer over delicate skin to keep it healthy and hydrated throughout the day and night.


I’ve used Bepanthen Nappy Ointment a million times but what I haven’t used is the Moisturiser. Oh my goodness it smells so delicious and leaves the girls feeling super soft and succulent. I don’t use this all the time and mainly use after a day in the wind on weathered cheeks or after swimming!

I’m so glad I received this beautiful package from Bepanthen. I just love getting lots of lovely goodies to get my hands on and enjoy.


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Beautiful smelling products to help protect your babies bottom!

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