Proud Mummy Moment – Nearly Rolling

It was only yesterday that I was moaning to the breast feeding support lady about how many babies P2s age were really chatty and some rolling over but P2 wasn’t.

Now today, we have a screeching, squealing and very chatty little lady who has spent a good hour flipping her hips over and has even managed to get on to her front but failed to get her under arm out so rolled back.

I’m proud… But a little bit scared. This is it now, my baby is no longer a little newborn… She’s growing! Growing up far too quick and learning so fast.
20130604-080100 PM.jpg
Unfortunately little lady has gone down a line on the growth chart, she’s now on the 25th centile and not the 50th. My OH is now calling her “slim sausage” instead of her original porky sausage nickname. She now weighs 12lb 8oz, which is just a pound of weight put on in four weeks.

Other than that, she’s doing great and I’m truly the proudest mummy of my 4month old.

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