Queen Of Hearts Cookie Company Review

I am really trying my best to cut my meal portions and stop snacking as much as I used to in a bid to lose the extra weight I’m carrying but also to be healthier inside. When the Queen Of Hearts Cookie Company contacted me to review some biscuits for them I was actually really excited.

It was just before Father’s Day and although I’d already spent a fortune on Hubby’s present, his Apple Watch, I still wanted to give him something a little extra. I took a look on the website and saw that there are loads of biscuits for different occasions, Father’s Day included. So that’s what we got.


The DAD Your A Star biscuits arrived just in time. Wrapped beautifully in tissue paper and in a pretty little box labelled with the Queen of Hearts Cookie Company logo. It was very sophisticated and excellent quality.

Each biscuit is hand-made and decorated. The biscuits are made from butter, flour, caster sugar, fresh egg, vanilla extract and dried egg white. So just a typical biscuit. Queen of Hearts Cookie Company use edible lustre spray and satin ice fondant. Despite the fact they seem like a simple biscuit just decorated, they are actually stunning. The Queen of Hearts Cookie Company will even make the biscuits to suit any special dietary requirements.

cookies dad

I didn’t get to try the biscuits and neither did Hubby. The girls waffled them down like there was no tomorrow! The boxes of biscuits costs between £12.99-£24.99 which is certainly pricey for biscuits but they are incredibly beautiful.


Value for Money

A lovely gift idea. Beautifully baked biscuits.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 1 votes)

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