Raisin & Fudge Cupcakes With Flora

I am not a natural in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking up a delicious meal for our family, it will nearly always go completely wrong. Something I have found that I’m quite good at is baking. Since becoming a stay at home mum I have done a lot of baking but I do prefer to do it alone if I’m honest.

Flora contacted me recently and asked me to recreate a recipe from their website. Specifically a cupcake recipe. It actually took me quite a while to decide. When I cook cupcakes they are always plain and quite boring but there in front of my eyes were so many unusual recipes. I ended up choosing the Raisin and Fudge Cupcake recipe,/a>. I love fudge and I quite enjoy the taste of raisins in things like Banana Bread and Flapjacks.

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I decided to get P1 and P2 involved. This always gets me on edge and P1 was in a pretty hyper mood so that made things a little more stressful for me. But we got there in the end and had a really good time doing something together. We used Flora Buttery for the first time whilst cooking too, it’s soft and the girls could easily mix the ingredients together with no help at all unlike the blocks of butter/margarine that I normally use when baking cakes.

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Raisin & Fudge Cupcakes
Serves 9
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
20 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
20 min
For the Cake
  1. 115 g (4oz) Flora Buttery
  2. 115 g (4oz) caster sugar
  3. 2 eggs, medium
  4. 115 g (4oz) self-raising flour
  5. 25 g each raisins and chopped fudge
For the Icing
  1. 55 g (2oz) Flora Buttery
  2. 225 g icing sugar, sieved
  3. 0.5 teaspoon vanilla essence or 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  4. chopped fudge, to decorate
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C, 160°C fan, Gas mark 4.
  2. Place all the cake ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix together until a creamy and smooth texture.
  3. Line a baking cake tray with paper or silicone cupcake cases. Using a spoon fill each one about half full.
  4. Bake for around 20 minutes until a golden colour. Leave to cool.
  5. Mix icing ingredients together and then spread or pipe over the cakes. Decorate with chopped fudge.
  1. This recipe is meant to make 12 cakes but we only managed to get 9 out of the mixture.
Jodie Alice Fisher https://jodiefisher.co.uk/
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These Raisin and Fudge Cupcakes are seriously the best cupcakes I have ever made! They taste delicious and are a really fresh way of baking a cupcake. The icing was so soft and with the vanilla essence it really gave it a tasty flavour. We used our brand new silicone cupcake cases and I may have slightly over filled them as the recipe made 9 cakes instead of 12. I shamefully admit that all 9 cakes were gone within 24 hours.

I am going to recreate these cakes again. They are now a firm favourite of mine. I will also be using Flora Buttery every time I bake as it was so easy and gave a lovely texture. The way that it was soft already meant that the preparation time was significantly reduced.

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