Really? Again?

From 11:30pm I was experiencing really bad pains. Worse than those that put me in the hospital earlier this month! I ended up crying my eyes out because they were so painful but I didn’t want to go up the hospital to have the same thing happen again… nothing!

My OH and I eventually made the decision to go up the hospital to get checked at 1:30am. It’s about a 15minute journey and we were pretty much the only car on the road.

The midwife asked lots of questions… Hooked me up to the monitor thing and I quickly apologised for the state of my belly – I’ve scratched it to pieces. She then asked a lot of questions about the itching and told me it wasn’t normal and that there’s a condition in pregnancy that effects your liver. I know about this as I’d already been tested a few weeks ago and got a negative result. Nevertheless, she took my blood for retesting.

The machine revealed I was having contractions – 2 every 10minutes. She asked if I would like to be examined to check if anything was happening down there. I agreed and apparently I was 2cm dilated, 3cm at a stretch but she didn’t want to make me any more uncomfortable. However, she did do a membrane sweep whilst down there.

I was discharged with the instructions to return if I get any loss, pains increase baby movements decrease – the usual.

You’ll have noticed that I’m talking in past tense. Yup, contractions have stopped again! Probably means my cervix has closed too, knowing me. I’m just left with backache, feeling very uncomfortable, as if I’m walking around with a bowling ball between my legs and the odd twinge of a period cramp. Oh and to top it off nicely – I’m feeling the guilt to my OH; he’s exhausted today after having just 2hours sleep and then having to go to work. The joys of contracting (in job terms)

P2 definitely seems to be adopting the Little Madam title and doesn’t want anything to run smoothly for me. I have my scheduled 38 week midwife appointment at 2pm today – hopefully I’ll get the results of my blood test and maybe some tips to hurry this whole process along!

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