Reasons To Consider Taking Young Children On A Family Ski Holiday

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing your child squeal with delight. It’s even more exciting when the words that follow the squeal is “It’s snowing!”. I love snow, it’s about the only good thing about feeling frozen to my bones for months on end. There’s something just magical about seeing the white flakes dropping from the sky, settling and turning everything that was once boring, into a picturesque winter wonderland!

We’ve been lucky enough to wake up to a few snowy mornings recently but sadly it is nothing significant. That has got me thinking about snowy holidays and the possibility of going skiing with my family. I have always been so nervous about going skiing myself, let alone taking children with me too but I think that was due to my lack of knowledge on skiing and ski holidays.

The recent snow spells have urged me to research ski holidays because I’d love for the girls to experience real, thick snow perfect for snowball fights and building snow men. I wanted to share what I’ve learnt and the top things I’m taking with me before we book the perfect family break. Have you been skiing?


Different ski resorts offer different things, you need to find one that suits your family and what you want from your skiing holiday. Some resorts have great family ski deals so don’t rush into the decision. Think about the location too, if you have an avid traveller then a closer resort may work better than one further away. This also plays into factor the types of slope on offer at different resorts, some may be too tricky for younger children or not tricky enough for the more adventurous teen.

Some have larger chalets to share with friends which could make the holiday much easier if there are more adults in tow. Sharing with strangers can also be an exciting experience for everyone to make new friends, especially children who’ll love having new buddies to explore with. You need to check out all of the facilities and activities that would be on offer too, especially if you and your children need to take some ski lessons before heading down the slopes alone.

Childcare Options

If you have younger children who cannot ski solo, or you don’t have an extra adult to take on childcare duties whilst you go down the slopes, you will need to look into the childcare options available. Kids love the excitement of snow, building snowmen and throwing them at their siblings but this comes with downside of the Baltic weather and the fact children get cold quick. Not only the weather but they also need entertaining throughout the day.

Many ski resorts offer in-chalet childcare with experienced and qualified childcare providers. They don’t just look after the kids, they put on special activities from going to get hot chocolate, going ice skating, winter walks and even specialised ski lessons for children. It’s a way of letting your child socialise, learn, go on adventures and create memories that will last a life time. You can ski in peace knowing that your children are having a brilliant time too.

Clothing & Ski Gear

As I said above, young children really feel the cold and they feel it quick. They also have short attention spans and flit between activities. Layering up on clothing is the best way to conquer both indoor and outdoor activities easily. They need to be wrapped up warm whilst in the snow yet be able to strip down when eating in a restaurant or taking a break indoors.

They also grow quickly so don’t splash out on all of the ski gear imaginable if you only plan to ski once in a lifetime or one a year. Many resorts have the ability to rent or even ask some friends too. If you have to buy some bits, check selling sites or places like eBay. A great tip is to make sure you pop gloves onto a piece of string so they don’t get lost, do this for other smaller clothing items too. My girls are especially notorious for losing things at the blink of an eye.

It would also be a great idea to stock up on little hand warmers or heat pads that are usually used to manage pain but are great for not only adults but children too. They will instantly help warm up frozen hands and help to keep a happy child. Did you know you can also get toe warmer versions too? These will help you to stay in the snow and having fun adventures for much longer.

Planning Is Key

For a family skiing holiday to run smoothly, you need to do planning and this would include all the little things like electrical adaptors, to the big things like ski slope times and childcare options/availability. You’ll need to book ski passes, lessons and even how you are travelling if flights are not included. Airport transfers or car hire if you plan to explore the country you are visiting.

I love creating itineraries for our family holidays. Find out the times the slopes open, restaurants if you plan to eat out, if there’s an onsite shop for food if you are eating in, check out the night entertainment or possible themed activities and when you have childcare booked. Split up your day to day activities and organise them. But remember the attention span of your mini monster on holiday with you and their energy levels too. You will most likely be exhausted too.


Kids, and adults, can get hungry very quick and there is nothing worse than grumpy, hangry human beings so stocking up on energy boosting snacks, sugary treats and plenty of drinks is vital. Meal prepping and planning is probably not something you hope to do during a holiday but it’s vital on a ski trip. Most resorts have some sort of place to store pre-prepared meals so make sure you pack a cooler bag. Bear in mind that you may not be able to easily get back to your chalet so attempt to get snacks that can be popped in pockets for on-the-go pick me ups.

Some resorts have food prepared in the chalet for you to make holidaying easier. We are a family of five so this option would probably be high on my list of making sure the resort has options available. You should be able to buy locally produced foods too and the team at your resorts will be able to assist with all your meal planning questions. Like the planning above, setting out a rough meal plan is a really useful idea.

I’ve learnt a lot about skiing over the past few days. It’s been really interesting watching other videos, reading blog posts and really getting a feel for ski life. I never knew I wanted to go from fear of an accident or something, but actually a ski holiday sounds like the perfect adventure to have as a family.

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