Recovery Is A Slow Process

Despite the extremely large and sore boobs – I’m absolutely loving breastfeeding. It’s created such a strong bond between P2 and me already.

We had a really good night with P2 last night. Everything seems to be falling into a routine AND she’s sleeping fine in her cot which for a moment I really thought I’d have to invest in a Moses basket. Yay!

I had a few tears last night. Tears that wouldn’t stop rolling down my face. I wasn’t sure why I was crying… Happiness, hormones, the fact I feel like I’m not seeing much of P1, leaky boobs… I wasn’t sure. I soon snapped out of it and managed to sleep quite well between feeds.

I’m absolutely dreading tomorrow. My OH will be back at work and I’ll be alone with P2 whilst P1 is at nursery. There will be no one to get me food or drinks. No one to help when I need the toilet. I’m still recovering from the birth but am trying to be as independent as possible but people keep telling me to slow down and recover slowly.

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