Reflecting On A Year Of Nursery

It’s that time of the year when suddenly we realise there’s just a few weeks or even days left of the schooling year. It terrifies me every year but for some reason I’m feeling a lot more sentimental this time round as we wave goodbye to P2s very first year of nursery. I love her nursery and the setting has done so much for us, not only by allowing us a little break three mornings a week but also changing P2 from a timid toddler to a confident preschooler.


We were invited in last week for a Summer Songtime performance. This is another reason I love this nursery. P1s never arranged little performances but I’m pretty sure P2s nursery has had one every term and they are such a delight. The staff are incredibly brave to organise thirty 2.5-4 year olds to perform on a stage in front of their parents. Although it’s always a little bit chaotic, it always goes off well and it makes me well up every single time.


We invited my Grandad along for this particular one as there was also a picnic arranged for afterwards. Again this was all a new experience for me and I was a little bit nervous as I always am in social settings. But I had such a lovely time. I got to chat to a few of the nursery mums that I’ve only ever really said “hi” in passing and P2 and P3 enjoyed spending time with their Great-Grandad too. 


We spent a long time at the picnic and then we took Grandad strawberry picking. My Grandad is a born gardener and I knew he’d love going strawberry picking. I think he was pleasantly surprised as he kept saying “mine don’t produce this many strawberries”. We picked a lot! Then whilst Grandad was picking the raspberries the girls sat with the farm dog. 


I just can’t believe a whole year of being at the nursery is over. It feels like yesterday that P2 cried every morning at drop off because she didn’t want us to leave. Now she runs in and comes out so full of joy. There’s a few changes happening next year as the lady who owns the nursery is now retiring, but I’m still so excited to see what P2s very last year at nursery will bring for her before she starts school and we do this nursery journey all over again with P3.

What are your plans for the summer holidays?

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  1. Time goes by far too quickly doesn’t it!! Gorgeous photos as always hun x

  2. Lovely photos! It sounds like a great nursery 🙂

  3. Adorable pics. I’d say that year flew through for you. Before we know it summer will be over and they’ll be back again.

  4. Such lovely pictures, it looks like you had a fab day x

  5. so nice when they want to run in and you see them enjoying it and making friends x

  6. Oh time goes by so quickly doesn’t it? Pickle is just finishing his first full term at nursery school and moves to mornings in September. I do wish they had held a little concert or something. Have a lovely summer. Kaz x

  7. What a lovely end to a term! Very very sweet! Xx

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