Resolutions or Goals?

It’s been 2013 for 11 days now and it occurred to me today that I hadn’t posted about my resolutions for 2013. Better late than never.

Who’s already broken their resolutions? For 2013 I decided not to make resolutions. But make goals – things I want to achieve this year or things I want to happen. That sort of thing. Not silly things like cutting out chocolate because let’s face it… Resolutions always fail and I’m fed up of feeling like a failure!!

My 13 Goals for 2013

1) Become a mother of two
All the health professionals thought I’d deliver early and most likely in 2012 but she didn’t arrive. So 2013 marks the birth of our second daughter.

2) Conquer breastfeeding
Whilst P1 was in hospital I expressed my milk and I tried to get her to breastfeed but due to her prematurity she just couldn’t get the hang of it. From stress my milk dried up after a month. This time I want to breastfeed for a good couple of months to give P2 the best start in life.

3) Join a gym
Joining the gym isn’t about losing weight or becoming a body builder 😉 – for me it’s about finding motivation to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. It’s about taking the girls swimming but also enjoying some time working out by myself or with my OH.

4) Eat healthier
Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very extremely fussy eater. In my defence… I have got a lot better with the variety of foods I eat but it’s not exactly a healthy diet that I have. I want to change that in 2013. I want to try new foods.

5) Keep motivated in my domestic tasks
Since being on maternity leave I’ve really changed my ways. Whether it’s just the nesting instinct or the fact I’m actually learning to change. I’ve been enjoying doing the basic domestic tasks – Dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and tidying our bedrooms/lounge. I want to continue the motivation I currently have regarding cleaning.

6) Keep my finances in order
Meeting my OH has changed me in many ways. I’ve become more grown up and responsible about money. I created a spreadsheet for my finances and I plan to keep them up to date during 2013. In the past few years I’ve had financial struggles and I hope that 2013 will be the first full year that I keep out of the minuses 🙂 Which will be tricky as I’m on maternity pay for most of it but I have huge determination!

7) Move house
As you know – we are currently living with my parents. 2013 marks a huge step in our path. We are going to own our own home! It’s crazy to think I’m only 20 and will soon own a house!!!! Along with point 6 we plan to save for the deposit on a mortgage and hopefully be in our own home by my birthday.

8) Keep Blogging and Vlogging
I really love doing my blog. It’s become a bit of an obsession but I really hope that obsession doesn’t die out. I’m hoping to expand my blog – gain more followers and speak with new people from around the world. This is also my goal for my youtube channel where I plan to continue to film and do my weekly uploads.

9) Change my attitude
I tend to speak before I think. I let my moods come out in the way I talk to people and it turn that causes me problems. Believe it or not (for the people who know me) my attitude has improved recently. However, with pregnancy hormones and feeling exhausted I know I need to keep a tighter rein on it. Gradually I’m learning.

10) Take time out for my OH
Becoming parents is a huge thing. My OH has taken to being P1s Dad fantastically and I have no doubts he’ll be amazing with P2. But I think that having two children will put a huge strain on us as a couple. I want to make sure we find some time to just be us again. Whether it’s a night of films whilst the girls sleep or we find a babysitter and go out and do normal couple things.

11) Take time out for me
I want to make sure I don’t lose who I am in the process of nappies, sick and tantrums. Whether it’s some time out in the bathroom, going shopping on my own, starting a hobby or visiting friends. I’m not talking every week but I want to make sure I stay sane.

12) Become more social
I’ve kind of been a bit of a hermit the past few years. I can’t remember the last time I spent some quality time with a mate. I want to join some parent and baby classes – like yoga or even a swimming class. Where I can meet people in the same situation. I’m not very good at eye contact either so I want to focus on becoming more confident about myself.

13) Return to work a new improved employee
I was made aware that my boss wasn’t overly impressed by my efforts this year at work. Which unfortunately I couldn’t defend myself because he is right. A lot has been going on and wrong last year that it did effect my work and my attitude towards it. I want to make sure that when I return to work after maternity leave they don’t recognise me. I know they’ll already have their reservations but I want to prove them wrong!

So there’s my 13 goals for 2013 It was a pretty long post… If you are still reading then seriously thank you very very very much!!!!

I really look forward to sharing my journey with you all and I know it’s a little late but Happy New Year and I hope 2013 brings health and happiness!!

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