Revamping The McDonald’s Happy Meal

I am definitely not ashamed to admit that my family love a McDonald’s. We don’t go often but I think it’s a great treat for the girls and have always loved the food.

I was lucky enough to work with McDonald’s to go behind the scenes in one of their restaurants, hear about future plans (one of which happened to be the introduction of the ordering machines and refurbishments of restaurants) and make my own Big Mac Burger. It was eye opening and allowed me to really see behind the scenes and appreciate McDonald’s in a whole new way.

You can only imagine my joy when I was invited by Mumsnet to work with McDonald’s once again. However, I wasn’t allowed to actually tell anyone until now. Trust me that was tricky! I’m so passionate about the brand that I love shouting about new changes, things that may make people more likely to dine there.

Last month I was invited into the McDonald’s London Headquarters. Yup! The actual headquarters. I had no idea what to expect and was so incredibly nervous I made myself feel a little queasy, the 12 stops on the underground might not have helped with that either seeing as I get travel sick.

It was so surreal. The headquarters is literally like walking into a McDonald’s restaurant, only it’s an office building with a reception and corridors. All with McDonald’s decor. We were lead through into an actual McDonald’s restaurant inside the office!! It was so weird.

For over a year now McDonald’s have been working with Mumsnet to revamp their Happy Meal menu. They’ve had real life mums giving their options on ideas, taste testing and much more. This is exactly what I was invited to help with back in May. It was the final taste test and approval for the new menu item for the Happy Meal.

As I’ve said early, I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody about this. It was tough. As a group we tried the new food item (the reveal is slightly lower in the post). Added different veggies to it and explored different tastes. McDonald’s has asked us all for our input in ideas, a brainstorming exercise I suppose. Mini McFlurries was something heavily discussed and we also talked about vegan and veggie options too.

I don’t think people truly realise how much goes on behind the scenes of McDonald’s. The strict rules they have to follow too. I was pleased to hear that they’ve been reducing the sugars in their ketchup and this was really evident. The ketchup has a very fruity, real taste now!

Just over a month of keeping the new menu option quiet, I was invited back to the official launch party in London. It was a kid friendly event but sadly the girls were already engaged with activities with their grandparents. So Hubby and I took ourselves to London and made a day of it.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the day, I even panicked whether I’d be able to get good photos without the kids as props. The event was taking place in the downstairs area of St Paul’s McDonald’s. I nearly missed the huge cathedral as we wandered past which is slightly embarrassing.

We found a seat and got to work colouring in and trying the provided melon fruit bags. We was definitely the only people there without children. Awkward!

I was really excited to show Hubby the new Happy meal option. I know that sounds pathetic. He is a huge lover of McDonald’s just like me. We was allowed to order our own food and whilst waiting they brought out boxes upon boxes of the new Happy Meal. Complete with gift. So are you ready?

Yup, it’s a Grilled Chicken Wrap!!! Over 1,000 Mumsnet community members were surveyed with nearly 8 in 10 (78%) wanting to see grilled chicken on the Happy Meal menu. So McDonald’s granted their wishes. The “core” meal is a wrap filled with grilled chicken, lettuce and the reduced sugar tomato sauce. However, it doesn’t stop there oh no! This new food item is the only Happy meal item that can be customised for preference.

At the kiosks (have you noticed them yet in your local McDonald’s?) you can edit and customised so many parts of any meal actually. Burgers without cheese, with cheese, with pickle, without etc etc, honestly the abilities is amazing. But on those kiosks you can opt to have cucumber, onion and pickle free of charge and for an extra 20p you can add tomato. Having this option makes it a much more filling meal for a larger appetite Happy Meal eater. As always you can switch your fries for a fruit bag.

I loved seeing everybody trying the new food and am so excited to get to our local restaurant to treat the girls to a Happy Meal wrap. They love wraps. Also it may be worth noting that you can change the core meal so that it was just chicken in a wrap with no extras or even the opposite way round with a wrap and just veggies for a vegetarian meal.

Not only was the excitement of a new Happy Meal enough, I also got to share my table with the lovely Emma from BrummyMummyOf2. Somebody I’ve admired for such a long time. I managed to keep my fan girl enthusiasm at bay, I hope, and enjoyed her company for the short event. If only I could spend more and have her as my bestie because she’s so naturally funny.

Then the McDonald’s team started bringing out ice creams. I know the best bit right? There they were. Mini McFlurries!!! They are the perfect size for children and even for a quick chilled snack for adults too. They are so cheap too so definitely watch out for those in your local McDonald’s restaurant.

I’m honestly so impressed at how far McDonald’s is coming. It’s definitely an exciting move for McDonald’s and I hope they continue to improve their menu options.

What’s your favourite meal at McDonald’s? Leave a comment below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Elizabeth Cole

    I actually called in today and was so taken with the MiniMcFlurry. I find the regular ones just a little bit too big if I’m honest – so think I’ll be having the mini from now on!

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